Brent Allen

April 4, 2019

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In July 2018 I traveled to visit the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota . My family ancestry on my fathers side is Cherokee . This goes back to the start of the trail of tears and before . My natural instincts about stewardship of land and water have simply evolved as I have gotten older. Me and my sister Melanie are the last of our family to be blood members of the Cherokee Nation.

My story is in the works. In short these might be some of the most honorable people I have ever met in my life . What happened is wrong and needs to be fixed .This is a current article regarding April 2019

Montrail County North Dakota * the starting point of the Dakota Acccess Pipeline

My Grandfather FC Swindell had purchased mineral rights in Mountrail County North Dakota back in the early 1950’s . He was an Attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma and was at the front end of the oil industry in the United States . He also represented many of the Indian tribes in Oklahoma and served in WWI ( Marines ) . This is what lead me to North Dakota . Thing is I did not know any of the above as I watched from California what was happening in current times to indigenous peoples at the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota . I did not know why this was bothering me so deeply . I do know my grandfather FC Swindell would have stood with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe . I STAND with Standing Rock . More coming ( Water Protectors )

My most sincere gratitude to The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Director of Water Resources Doug CrowGhost , Public Relations / Tribal Judge Danielle Ta’Sheena Finn , and The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe .

Doug CrowGhost Director of water resources Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Danielle Ta’Sheena Finn Public Relations and Tribal judge Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Sitting Bull
North Dakota
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