Your question: How much does it cost to whitewater raft in Colorado?

Meeting Time : 8:30 AM
Minimum Age : 4 years old
Meeting Location : Mad Adventures River Office in Kremmling
Cost : $95 for Adults & $85 for Youth (4 to 12 yrs.)
Season : Late May to early September

How much does it cost to white water raft?

How much does white water rafting cost? For a single person, full-day and half-day whitewater rafting prices can range from $30 to $350 USD. A full-day typically ranges from $120 to $350 USD for adults and $130 to $200 USD for youth. This may include lunch and optional activities.

Where should I Raft in Colorado?

Here are some other places to go rafting in Colorado:

  • Blue River – Silverthorne.
  • Eagle River – Vail.
  • Gunnison River – Delta.
  • North Platte River – Walden.
  • Rio Grande River – Creede.
  • Roaring Fork River – Aspen.
  • San Juan River – Pagosa Springs.
  • San Miguel River – Telluride.
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How long does it take to raft the Colorado River?

The Full Canyon experience can be had in a minimum of 7 days in a motorized raft or can last up to 15 days in an oar-powered raft. We would always recommend spending as much time as you can in the Canyon. If you don’t have a week or two, we have some shorter trip options.

Where is the best place to whitewater raft?

The 10 Best Places To Go Whitewater Rafting Around The World

  • Zambezi River, Zimbabwe. …
  • Ottawa River, Canada. …
  • Colorado River, Grand Canyon. …
  • Magpie River, Canada. …
  • Ganges River, India. …
  • Salmon River’s Middle Fork, Idaho. …
  • North Johnstone River, Australia. …
  • Penobscot River, Maine.

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How much does a raft cost?

Typical price range of the base model raft is around $250 or so. Note – Stay away from other Intex rafts priced less than the Mariner 4.

When can you whitewater raft in Colorado?

Colorado’s whitewater rafting season runs from late April through mid September. We recommend guests looking for the ultimate Colorado whitewater rafting experience to book a trip from June – August, though early and late season conditions can still be a ton of fun!

How much does a Grand Canyon rafting trip cost?

The length of the trip you choose will also affect how much dough you need to set aside for this getaway. For example, a five-day trip will cost you somewhere in the $1,800 – $2,000 range per person, whereas a full 15-day trip will set you back at least $4,000.

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Where can you kayak in Colorado?

Here are eleven of the our favorite spots for a kayak trip in Colorado, in no particular order:

  1. Arkansas River. Kayaker on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista. …
  2. Navajo Reservoir. Navajo Reservoir flows into New Mexico. …
  3. Lake Pueblo. …
  4. Eleven Mile Reservoir. …
  5. Bear Creek Lake. …
  6. Elkhead Reservoir. …
  7. Harvey Gap. …
  8. Sylvan Lake.

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Can you whitewater raft in Colorado in October?

We stay excited about the Colorado rafting season all year long, but summer is the best time for whitewater rafting in Colorado. In general, the Colorado rafting season can begin as early as May and last through October. However, the best three months for Colorado rafting are June, July, and August.

Do you need a permit to kayak the Colorado River?

In Colorado, most of the Colorado River is suitable only for skilled, intermediate paddlers or experts; however, the river has beginner-friendly waters running through Grand Junction and between South Canyon and Cameo. … Permits are not required to access the Lower Colorado River.

What is the best time to raft the Grand Canyon?

There’s really no wrong time to visit and raft the Grand Canyon during the commercial rafting season, but if moderate weather is a factor, the fall season might be the right time for you. April and May are popular months because of the moderate weather, as well as the chance to see some blooming flowers.

How long is the wait to raft the Grand Canyon?

Mr. Markle reports a wait list of 650 people for 2019 Grand Canyon rafting trips and recommends travelers get in touch 18 months in advance if they want to secure a specific date.

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Are Class 4 rapids dangerous?

Class IV: Advanced

Intense, powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling in turbulent water. … Rapids may require “must” moves above dangerous hazards. Scouting may be necessary the first time down. Risk of injury to swimmers is moderate to high, and water conditions may make self-rescue difficult.

What is the most dangerous white water rafting?

10 of the World’s Most Notorious Whitewater Rapids

  • 1) Terminator – Futaleufú River, Chile. …
  • 2) Bidwell – Chilko River, British Columbia. …
  • 3) Big Drops 2 and 3 – Colorado River through Cataract Canyon, Utah. …
  • 4) Lava Falls – Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, Arizona. …
  • 5) Godzilla – Rio Upano River, Ecuador. …
  • 6) Pillow Rapid – Gauley River, West Virginia.

How dangerous is white water rafting?

You do have a small chance of being injured on a rafting trip, about 1:558 and a 1:100,000 chance of being a fatality. This means that for the vast majority of people, rafting is simply a great fun adventure. Rafting not just about big white water.

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