Your question: Can you bring your own kayak to Elkhorn Slough?

We do not permit kayaking within the Reserve boundaries. Check out our kayaking page to see the areas where boating at the Slough is permitted. You can launch kayaks or other small boats at the North Harbor of Moss Landing, located on Highway 1 or Kirby Park located north of the Reserve on Elkhorn Road.

Are there sharks in Elkhorn Slough?

It’s now home to those sharks, rays, about 100 species of fish and 120 kinds of birds, but for years the marshland was diked, drained and used as ranch land. The Elkhorn Dairy, as it was known, was in production for more than 50 years.

Where can I launch my kayak in Monterey?


Monterey Bay Kayaks, at the base of the Monterey commercial fishing wharf, is at the intersection of Del Monte Avenue and Figueroa Street. Kayak rentals begin at about $30 for a sit-on-top such as an Ocean 13. For about $40, a more experienced kayaker may select from several sit-inside models.

Where can I kayak in Santa Cruz?

Best Rafting/Kayaking in Santa Cruz, CA

  • Venture Quest Kayaking. 1.2 mi. 118 reviews. …
  • Blue Water Ventures. 1.2 mi. 48 reviews. …
  • Kayak Connection. 1.7 mi. 97 reviews. …
  • Mountain Sea Adventures. 0.3 mi. 19 reviews. …
  • Eskape Sea Kayaking. 3.3 mi. 4 reviews. …
  • Covewater New Brighton SUP. 5.1 mi. 6 reviews. …
  • R.L.T Adventures. 0.8 mi. …
  • Sea Goddess Whale Watching. 18.2 mi.
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Where are the otters in Elkhorn Slough?

The Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and Moss Landing Harbor are prime, reliable spots to view sea otters. In Moss Landing, you will find somewhat reliably a group, or raft of sea otters in Moss Landing Harbor. You take the Moss Landing State Beach exit from Hwy 1 just north of Moss Landing.

What animals live in a slough?

Watching sea otters, sea lions, seals, brown pelicans, American avocets, cormorants, egrets, terns and a host of other wildlife from the water is an experience that provides a unique perspective of how the slough is used by the native inhabitants.

Why is Elkhorn Slough important?

Wetlands like Elkhorn Slough serve key functions in pollution control and food provision, offering green, sustainable, low cost and efficient ways to clean wastewater of impurities and recycle nutrients, and also serve as cradles of biodiversity by hosting young fish and other marine species as well as rice paddies – …

Is it safe to kayak in Monterey Bay?

Yes. Monterey Bay is a beautiful and safe place to kayak and paddle board. From Cannery Row, Lovers Point and Stillwater Cove, it’s easy to jump into the gentle bay waters. Join a kayaking tour and see amazing wildlife like sea lions, otters, and harbor seals.

How do you kayak Elkhorn Slough?

You can launch your kayak at the Moss Landing Harbor District Launch Ramp at the North Harbor, located on Hwy 1, north of Moss Landing (near the kayak shops) or Kirby Park along Elkhorn Road, north of the Elkhorn Slough Reserve. Small watercraft can also launch in the Harbor of Moss Landing.

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Where can I paddleboard in Monterey?

  • BIG SUR COAST CENTRAL – Andrew Molera State Park – Pfeiffer Beach. BIG SUR COAST CENTRAL MAPS. Big Sur Road Conditions. …
  • BIG SUR COAST SOUTH – Pacific Valley – Limekiln – Mill Creek – Sand Dollar – Willow Creek. BIG SUR COAST SOUTH MAPS. Mill Creek Picnic Area – Big Sur California. …

Where can I paddle board in Santa Cruz?

The following locations in Santa Cruz offer stand-up paddle boarding rentals as well as lessons:

  • SUP Shack. 2214 East Cliff Drive. Santa Cruz, CA 95062. …
  • Covewater SUP. 726 Water Street. …
  • Stand Up Paddle Capitola. 208 San Jose Ave. …
  • Club Ed. On the beach by the Santa Cruz Wharf. …
  • Kayak Connection. 413 Lake Avenue, #3.

What is the best time to see otters?

Dawn and dusk are good times to watch for otters. It is also when other wildlife is most active, and their behaviour may give away an otter’s presence. A flock of ducks suddenly swimming rapidly one way, glancing over their shoulders, could be a sign of an otter nearby.

Where is the best place to see otters?

10 Wildlife Trust sites where otters have been spotted

  • Gilfach Farm (Radnorshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Portrack Marsh (Tees Valley Wildlife Trust)
  • Falls of Clyde (Scottish Wildlife Trust)
  • Winnall Moors (Hants and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust)
  • Staveley (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Glenarm Nature Reserve (Ulster Wildlife Trust)

How many sea otters are left?

41 years later and counting, their conservation status remains unchanged and their future uncertain. Sea otter population growth has stalled in recent years and many hurdles for full population recovery remain. There are only about 3,000 southern sea otters left in the wild today.

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