Why was the plane sailing in the end?

Is Sail Sailing or plane sailing?

Plane sailing (also, colloquially and historically, spelled plain sailing) is an approximate method of navigation over small ranges of latitude and longitude.

What is the limit distance to use the plain sailing?

Plane sailing is not intended for distances of more than a few hundred miles. Since the track is cutting all meridians at the same angle, Plane Sailing is also one of the methods of Rhumb Line Sailing.

What does plain sailing mean?

The expression is mostly used in informal contexts to mean ‘smooth and easy progress’. When you say that something was plain sailing, you mean things went off without a hitch; there were no problems or obstructions of any kind along the way.

What is the alternative sailing in lieu of Great Circle to limit the latitude of vertex?

Composite sailing is a modification of great circle sailing to limit the maximum latitude, generally to avoid ice or severe weather near the poles.

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What is short distance sailing?

Short distance sailing is a term which is applied to sailing along a rhumb-line for distances less than 600 nautical miles.

What is Mercator sailing?

Mercator Sailing is another method of Rhumb Line Sailing. It is used to find the course and distance between two positions that are in different latitudes from the large D. Lat. and distance. It is similar to plane sailing, except that plane sailing is used for small distances.

What is the use of parallel sailing?

Parallel sailing is the interconversion of departure and difference of longitude when a vessel is proceeding due east or due west. 4. Middle- (or mid-) latitude sailing uses the mean latitude for converting departure to difference of longitude when the course is not due east or due west.

How do you calculate great circle sailing?

distance and course (bearing) between Vigo and Boston ………

2nd file – Great Circle Sailing – Rhumb Line – (small program)

calculation for incr. latitude formula : ( 7915,7 * log tan (45° + lat/2)) – (3437,7 * e*e * sine lat)
calculation for vertex latitude formula : cos hl = cos lat a * sine oc

What is parallel sailing in navigation?

: spherical sailing in which the course is along a parallel and departure is the product of cosine latitude times the difference of longitude —opposed to meridian sailing.

What does it mean to act like a sheep?

If a group of people are (like) sheep, they all behave in the same way or all behave as they are told, and cannot or will not act independently.

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What is the meaning of a bolt from the blue?

: a complete surprise : something totally unexpected.

What is smooth sailing?

: easy progress without impediment or difficulty After the mix-up was rectified, it was smooth sailing again.—

Why is it wise to use great circle sailing?

Great Circle Sailing is used for long ocean passages. For this purpose, the earth is considered a perfect spherical shape; therefore, the shortest distance between two points on its surface is the arc of the great circle containing two points.

What is the meaning of great circle sailing?

: the navigation or conducting of a ship on a great-circle track or on a course determined in relation to a great-circle track — compare sailing.

What is the formula for mid latitude sailing?

Solution – By computation: (1) l = D cos C; p = D sin C (2) DLo = p sec Lm.

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