Where did Francis Drake set sail from?

English seaman Francis Drake sets out from Plymouth, England, with five ships and 164 men on a mission to raid Spanish holdings on the Pacific coast of the New World and explore the Pacific Ocean.

Where did the Golden Hind sail from?

The Golden Hind Ship – Sir Francis Drake (1540 – 1597)

The expedition, consisting of a fleet of five ships, set sail from Plymouth Sound in Devon, England in 1577.

Why did Sir Francis Drake sail around the world?

The objective of Drake’s voyage (which was shrouded in secrecy) was to intercept the gold and jewels, which the Spanish were removing from South America (the Spanish ‘Main’) and shipping back to Spain across the Isthmus of Panama.

Where did Francis Drake land in California?

During his circumnavigation of the world, English seaman Francis Drake anchors in a harbor just north of present-day San Francisco, California, and claims the territory for Queen Elizabeth I.

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Did Sir Francis Drake sail around the world?

The Famous Voyage: The Circumnavigation of the World, 1577-1580. Drake was noted in his life for one daring feat after another; his greatest was his circumnavigation of the earth, the first after Magellan’s. He sailed from Plymouth on Dec. 13, 1577.

Who was captain of the Golden Hind?

Golden Hind was a galleon captained by Francis Drake in his circumnavigation of the world between 1577 and 1580. She was originally known as Pelican, but Drake renamed her mid-voyage in 1578, in honour of his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton, whose crest was a golden hind (a female red deer).

Is the Golden Hind a replica?

The Golden Hinde (launched 1973) is a full-size replica of the Golden Hind (launched 1577). She was built using traditional handicrafts in Appledore, Torridge. She has travelled more than 140,000 mi (230,000 km), a distance equal to more than five times around the globe.

What bad things did Sir Francis Drake do?

While he sailed with Sir John Hawkins, Drake would raid the African coast, stealing cargoes of slaves from Portuguese towns and ships. The slaves, meanwhile, would be sold to Spanish plantations in the New World.

How did Francis Drake die?

How did Sir Francis Drake die? During Sir Francis Drake’s final voyage to the Caribbean to raid Spanish possessions, the fleet he commanded was decimated by a fever. He died from fever, or possibly dysentery associated with the condition, at sea on January 28, 1596, near Portobelo, Panama.

Why was Drake executed?

On his voyage to interfere with Spanish treasure fleets, Drake had several quarrels with his co-commander Thomas Doughty and on 3 June 1578, accused him of witchcraft and charged him with mutiny and treason in a shipboard trial. … Drake had Thomas Doughty beheaded on 2 July 1578.

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What was Francis Drake searching for?

He discovered that Tierra del Fuego, the land south of the Magellan Strait, was not another continent as Europeans believed, but instead a group of islands. This meant that ships could sail between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans around the bottom of South America (later known as the Cape Horn route).

What was Francis Drake looking for on the Pacific coast?

In 1579, Francis Drake was halfway during his circumnavigation and sailed out in the Pacific, then turned east seeking the Strait of Anián (a water passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic, known in the reverse direction as the Northwest Passage), or for a place to repair his ships.

Who funded Francis Drake?

In 1577, Queen Elizabeth commissioned Drake to lead an expedition around South America through the Straits of Magellan. The voyage was plagued by conflict between Drake and the two other men tasked with sharing command.

How much did Drake steal from the San Felipe?

This he failed to do, but he did capture the great carrack Sño Felipe , bound from Goa to Lisbon, which was valued at £114,000; Drake’s personal share of this prize was £14,000, and the Queen took over £40,000.

How did Francis Drake change the world?

Sir Francis Drake’s adventurous life was filled with many accomplishments. He played a major role in the destruction and defeat of the mighty Spanish Armada. This helped England to create a great empire in the New World. He also became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.

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Who was the first person who circumnavigate the earth?

Ferdinand Magellan (1480–1521) was a Portuguese explorer who is credited with masterminding the first expedition to circumnavigate the world.

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