Where can I find vine goo in raft?

Summary. Vine Goo is created in a Smelter by putting Seaweed and Planks inside it. It takes 45 seconds to create one Vine Goo. It can also be found in crates that can be found underwater near some islands, on islands or in some Loot Boxes.

How do you get the vine God in the raft?

Place your collected Seaweed into the Smelter that you should have built on your raft. Ensure you have added planks to light the smelter so that it works. After a minute or so, the Seaweed inside the Smelter will turn into Vine Goo, ready for you to pickup.

What tool do you use to harvest seaweed in raft?

It is harvested from the tall underwater kelp plants near Islands by pressing E with no tool equipped. Look for the dense part of the plant. The Seaweed can be put into a Smelter and will turn into Vine Goo after 45 seconds.

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How do you get glass in a raft?

Take it back to your raft, you should have collected a few pieces and shove it into the Smelter. It won’t start smelting until you have placed wooden planks underneath to light the fire. After a minute or so, the sand will turn into glass which you can collect and use however you need!

How do you advance in a raft?

The only way to really progress the story of the game is by to follow the trash pile in the water. The trash will lead players to islands, and eventually help them find the radio. The radio is a tool that needs to be used to start finding bigger islands and other humans in the game.

How do I find a sand raft?

Summary. Sand can be found at the bottom of the ocean floor near Islands and has to be harvested with the Hook. Sand and Clay look similar underwater, but Sand is slightly lighter.

How do you get bolts in raft?

If you are struggling to find Bolts naturally in Raft, you can craft them yourself using a Smelter. You will need to smelt metal ore inside of a smelter to get ingots. With 1 metal ingot, you can create a single Bolt. You may need to research Bolts first to be able to make them, by adding metal to the Research Table.

Can you grow seaweed in raft?

Seaweed is a crafting material in Raft, mainly used in the creation of flippers. It can be found underwater, and can also be turned into Vine Goo. If you wish to do this, you will need a Smelter. … If you want some more guides for Raft, we’ve covered a lot on our site here.

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Where can I buy explosive powder raft?

Put one Explosive Goo in a Smelter to obtain one Explosive Powder. Explosive Powder can also be obtained by digging up Suitcases or Safes using a Shovel on spots found with the Metal Detector.

How do you get feathers in raft?

The Feather can be obtained from a Bird’s Nests after being occupied by a Seagull or from slaying one. When a Seagull is killed, it will drop six feathers.

How do you get sand and clay in the raft?

If you’re looking for Sand and Clay then you will pretty much only find it in the reef areas around islands. You will need either a Plastic or Scrap Hook to harvest it. Look for beige rock looking objects near the reefs surrounding the island.

How do you get metal ingot in the raft?

Summary. Metal Ingot is created in a Smelter by putting Metal Ore in it and fueling with Planks. It takes 80 seconds to create one Metal Ingot.

How do you find dry brick in a raft?

Youll need clay and sand to make them and the clay and sand can be found on islands under the water. Once you craft wet bricks place the bricks on the ground to dry. It will take about a day or so for them to dry.

How do you survive on a raft?

Wait for the shark to attack your raft, and then hit him with your spear. After four hits with the wooden spear, he will let go of the raft. You can also distract it by using shark bait, which will keep him in place for a while, useful if you want to do some underwater expeditions.

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How do I get more plastic in my raft?

Plastic can be found floating in the ocean, in Barrels, on Vacated Rafts and in Loot Boxes. Plastic is used for 18 different items, including the raft Foundation.

Can you kill mama bear raft?

From here, the player can continuously shoot arrows while running backwards away from Mama Bear to avoid taking damage, it will take about 50 Metal Arrows and one bow to kill her.

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