What makes a song yacht rock?

Yacht rock is music, primarily created between 1976 and ’84, that can be characterized as smooth and melodic, and typically combines elements of jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock. You’ll hear very little acoustic guitar (get that “Horse With No Name” out of there) but a lot of Fender Rhodes electric piano.

Is Michael McDonald a yacht rock?

“What a Fool Believes” – The Doobie Brothers – This is possibly the ultimate yacht rock song and is sung by the king of the genre, Michael McDonald. The song was written by McDonald and Kenny Loggins, who also dominated the airwaves in the 1980s.

What is 70’s yacht rock?

Broadly speaking, yacht rock is an ocean of smooth, soft-listening music made in the late ’70s and early ’80s by artists like Toto, Hall & Oates and Kenny Loggins — music you can sail to.

Who is the king of yacht rock?

Ahead of LI show, Michael McDonald talks ‘yacht rock,’ sobriety, more. It’s not every musician who would enjoy being known as the “king of yacht rock.” The once-pejorative term refers to those songs that washed clean the pop charts from 1975 to ’85 with calm grooves, sunny production and breezy melodies.

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Is Chicago a yacht rock?

Chicago Band

Chicago began moving away from their horn-driven soft rock sound with their early 1980s output, including this synthesizer-filled power ballad. … Those guys are yacht rock kings!

Who killed Koko yacht rock?

Loggins and McDonald pair up against the duo Hall & Oates for a songwriting competition. Koko is accidentally impaled by his lucky harpoon during the ensuing melee, but is at peace before his death by hearing the smoothest song ever sung by a young Christopher Cross. Also featured in S.O.S. Fantome episode two.

Are the Doobie Brothers yacht rock?

For anyone uninitiated, yacht rock is the term for the quintessential soft rock jams that invaded every marina from ’76-’84 (ish). … Yacht rockers include the legendary Jimmy Buffet, as well as second-level smoothies Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, and The Doobie Brothers, among others.

Who does the yacht rock voice?

Our Captain

Yacht Rock Radio is captained by Adam Ritz. Adam is a 25 year veteran of radio and tv, and a 40 year fan of what we know now as Yacht Rock!

What happened to yacht rock on SiriusXM?

Love has been moved from Channel 17 to Channel 70 so Yacht rock has also moved to Channel 70 through the end of its run. … SiriusXM Love – SiriusXM Love has been moved from Channel 17 to Channel 70 where you can continue to hear romantic ballads and soft pop music featuring the lyrics of love.

What does yacht mean?

A yacht is a craft used for pleasure and sport. The name comes from the Dutch word jaght, which translates as ‘hunter’, a fast, light sailing vessel used in the past by the nation’s navy to chase pirates and other ne’er do wells.

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What do you wear to a yacht rock party?

The key to nailing the classic Yacht Rock outfit: Some non-gender specific essentials include: Captain’s Hats, Short Shorts, Hawaiian Shirts, Striped Knee Socks, Boat shoes/loafers for the ladies… Sailor dresses, Feathered hair, Hoop earrings for the gentlemen…

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