What is a surf lock?

Surf Lock is the ideal solution to an age-old problem. … Surf Lock can be easily attached to different locations on your car, providing a safe and secure place to store your car keys or immobiliser while enjoying the outdoors. When not in use, the lock is small enough to be kept in the glove box of your car.

How do you open a surf lock?

Your Surf Lock is factory tested and set to 0-0-0-0.

  1. Open the lock. Remove the sticker on the back and move the change lever to the upper right-hand corner (fig. 1 at rightt).
  2. Set the dials to the desired combination.
  3. Move the change lever back to the original. position (fig. 2). The combination is now set.

What do surfers do with car keys?

Hide Your Car Keys

You can bury them in the sand or camouflage them under a plastic bag, towel, or rock. Ideally, you should be able to spot your car keys from the surf to make sure no one steals them. There’s also the classic and dangerous method – hiding your ignition keys in the bushes.

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How do you keep your car keys safe when surfing?

Possibly the best option of protecting your car key while surfing. The majority of neoprene wetsuits have either interior or exterior cords to attach your keys. Another option is to tie it to a string around your neck and put it in your wetsuit. The only risk is that it could come off and end up lost in the water.

What is a surf key?


It seems obvious, but don’t leave your car keys unprotected or unattended. … The “Aqua key” is a non-electronic key copy of your car key which gives you the option to take it in the water with you. This allows you to leave your electronic ignition key locked safely inside the car.

How do you set the key vault in ocean and earth?

Your Key Vault is preset at 0-0-0-0 (even though dials may appear in other combinations).

How to reset your combination :

  1. Open the lock at present number 0-0-0-0.
  2. Push the reset lever from original A to B position.
  3. Set your own combination.
  4. Push back the lever from B to A position.

How do you change the code on a key safe?

Setting your combination

Press down on the CLEAR button (located in the centre of the KeySafe) and then release. Press down on the OPEN button and remove the lid (the part with the black buttons). Slide the white plastic instruction card on the back of the lid out and remove.

How can I surf without a car?

from CI Surfboards

  1. Public Transportation. Even though SoCal residents may shout “inconceivable!”, many people commute to surf by bus or train. …
  2. Electric bikes. Due to recent advances in battery technology, electric powered bikes and skateboards are becoming quite common and affordable. …
  3. Ride a bike or skateboard. …
  4. Walking.
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Where do you hide your keys at the beach?

The best places for this are usually in the wheel well or up under the lip of a chassis. You should clean that spot when you first put it on. Buy a house near the beach, or rent one – then you won’t need to take your car to the beach at all!

Where do you leave things when surfing?

Where do you store your keys when surfing?

  • In a padlock that’s locked onto the car.
  • Bring it with you in a waterproof bag.
  • Leave the keys to your partner/coffee shop.
  • Leave them inside a towel ashore.
  • Top of a tire.

Where do you put your key fob when surfing?

I take the key out of the fob, put it in a Baggie and keep it in my wetsuit. I wrap the fob in aluminum foil which blocks the signal and leave it in my car. Make sure to manually look your car, otherwise (if your car is like mine) the alarm will go off when you use the key to open it.

Can car keys get wet?

Typically keys are water resistant and not water tight. I have had my car fob pretty drenched (i had to walk in the rain without an umbrella) and it worked fine. However if it drops into water then there’s a chance it’ll stop working.

Where do you put magnetic key holder in car?

Best places to attach the Magnetic Key Holder

  1. Place magnetic key holder behind a bumper on the metal frame of the car. …
  2. Place the magnetic key holder behind the license plate in front of the car.
  3. Behind the tire well is a small metal ledge that is great for hiding a magnetic key holder.
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Where do you hide your keys on a truck?

The 7 Best Places To Hide A Key on Your Car Are…

  1. On the inside of the bumper (assuming you are using the magnetic hide a key)
  2. Behind the front license plate.
  3. Tire Well.
  4. Gas Cap.
  5. With someone else.
  6. Hitch receiver box.
  7. Your purse or wallet.

How do you hide a key outside?

As the following examples show, it’s always best to have a plan B…

  1. The birdhouse. Hidden high up in trees, a birdhouse is a great place to hide a spare key. …
  2. Behind your car’s license plate. …
  3. Inside a brick. …
  4. Inside a fake drain cap. …
  5. Inside a fake faucet head. …
  6. Inside a fake sprinkler. …
  7. Behind the door knocker. …
  8. Under a stone.
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