What is a good size surf rod?

If you plan on holding the rod a lot because maybe you are fishing with lures, I would lean more toward an 8 to 10 foot rod. You will appreciate the lighter weight. Otherwise, go with a longer rod that is 11-13 feet to get more distance on your casts. A good general purpose length is 10 feet.

Can you surf fish with a 6 foot rod?

The best rod to surf fish with is the one you have. While you might not be able to throw as heavy of a lure or throw your bait as far, a 6 to 7 foot rod can catch fish from the surf.

What is the best rod for surf fishing?

  • 2.1 1# St Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod.
  • 2.2 2# Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod.
  • 2.3 3# St. …
  • 2.4 4# Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods.
  • 2.5 5# PENN Battalion Surf Spinning.
  • 2.6 6# Tsunami Airwave Elite Spin Fishing Rod.
  • 2.7 7# DBLUE Surf Conventional Rod.
  • 2.8 8# Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod.
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What size weight is best for surf fishing?

A 2 to 4 oz pyramid or sputnik sinker is perfect for surf fishing in normal water conditions. When there are high surf and strong tides, it is recommended to go with a heavier sinker that suits your needs. And here’s the thing. Sinkers come in a few different sizes and shapes.

How do I know what size rod I need?

Rods can range on the tiny end from 4 feet to the gigantic end of 14 feet, but most bass fishing rods tend to run between 6 and 8 feet measured tip to butt. The general rule of rod length selection is this: shorter rods cast shorter distances, and longer rods cast longer distances.

Is a 10 foot rod good for surf fishing?

The length is not only for casting distance but also to keep your line out of the surf.. … Otherwise, go with a longer rod that is 11-13 feet to get more distance on your casts. A good general purpose length is 10 feet.

Is mono or braid better for surf fishing?

because both mono and braid serve different surf fishing situations. Generally speaking, the braid is better for fishing in choppy weather and difficult surf conditions because its small diameter allows better resistance to the wind and to the current.

Do longer rods cast further?

A rod’s length affects casting distance, accuracy, and hook set leverage. Longer rods (over 7 feet) will cast farther than shorter rods of the same power and action, and shorter (<under 7 feet) rods will be more accurate. Longer rods also give you more leverage on the hook set, as they take up more line while swinging.

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How far can you cast a surf rod?

Because only part of the rod’s power is being used, the aforementioned 85 or 90 yards is just about the best that can be expected. Using 20-pound-test spinning gear and a modified pendulum technique, Arra can effortlessly cast a three-ounce or four-ounce Hopkins 200 yards. Revolving-spool reels permit longer casts.

What is the best surf rod and reel combo?

  1. PENN Battle II Combo – Best Overall. See More Images. …
  2. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Best Value. See More Images. …
  3. Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo – Best Drag System. …
  4. Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo (2 Piece) – Best Versatility. …
  5. Ugly Stik Saltwater Spinning Combo – Best Rod Strength.

What weight should I use for beach fishing?

Standard beach casting tackle is 15lb (0.35mm diameter) mainline and a 5oz (150g) lead weight. These are the tackle ratings that are most consistently successful for casting distance and keeping tackle anchored in tide. However, line diameter and sinker size can be adjusted to suit fishing conditions.

How much weight do I need for bottom fishing?

Egg Sinkers

Keeping constant contact with the bottom also helps you determine the type of bottom you are fishing. I use a lightweight sinker such as a 1/4-ounce weight for Carolina-rigging at depths of less than 10 feet and switch to 3/4- or 1-ounce sinkers when I want to drag a rig in the 15- to 25-foot range.

How much weight should I use fishing?

Drop shot weight Prefer is 1/4 oz, slip shot is 1/8 oz, all fished from 1′ to 40′. Rarely do I use any worm weight over 1/2 oz, unless fishing worms over 12″ long in the wind. A general starting point for rate of fall (ROF) is about 1′ per second.

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Should I get a medium or medium heavy rod?

When fishing with spinnerbaits, use at least a medium/heavy power rod because of the larger single hook. … A medium/heavy rod with a fast action provides a great balance for most spinnerbaits up to half an ounce. When fishing baits greater than half an ounce, an extra fast action will provide better casting.

How do I choose a rod action?

This describes where the rod bends when pressure or weight is applied to the rod. A fast action rod will bend in the top third or less of the blank, a medium or moderate action rod will bend in the top half or so, and a slow action rod will bend starting in the lower third of the rod and into the handle.

What is a medium heavy rod good for?

A medium-heavy rod will allow you to fish Texas rigs, smaller jigs, spinnerbaits, vibrating jigs, topwater lures, crankbaits and much more without sacrificing hardly any performance.

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