What does it mean to sail before the wind?

Driven ahead, hurried, as in The bikers are moving before the wind, so it’s hard to tell who will come in first. … The literal meaning of this term is nautical, referring to a ship sailing in the same direction as the wind and being propelled forward. Its figurative use dates from the mid-1800s.

What does it mean to sail close to the wind?

: to do something that is dangerous or that may be illegal or dishonest The company was sailing close to the wind, but it’s not clear if they were actually breaking the law.

How does wind affect sailing?

On a sailboat, wind blowing against the boat at an angle inflates the sail, and it forms a similar foil shape, creating a difference in pressure that pushes the sail perpendicular to the wind direction.

How do sailboats move into the wind?

Sailing Upwind

Unless the wind is blowing from directly astern (over the back of the boat), the sails propel the boat forward because of “lift” created by wind blowing across them, not by wind pushing against them.

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What does the phrase in the wind mean?

If something is in the wind, people are talking about it and it may happen, but no one is sure: Rumors of a takeover are in the wind. If someone is in the wind, they are missing, especially after escaping: The suspects are in the wind.

What does walking against the wind mean?

to be trying to achieve something that is unlikely to succeed because most people would oppose it: He’s sailing against the wind in his attempt to stop women joining the club.

What is the best wind for sailing?

The ideal wind speeds for sailing are:

  • most comfortable sailing: 5 – 12 knots.
  • absolute beginners: under 10 knots – anything under 10 knots prevents capsizing.
  • for more serious training: 15 – 20 knots.
  • for heavy offshore boats: 20 – 25 knots – anything under 12 and the boat doesn’t even come to life.

Can you sail directly into the wind?

However, a boat cannot sail directly into the wind and so if it comes head to the wind, it loses steerage and is said to be “in irons.” Thus, boats sailing into the wind are actually sailing “close hauled” with their sails tightly trimmed.

Can a sailboat go faster than the wind?

Yes, although it sounds implausible. With the wind blowing from behind and sails perpendicular to the wind, a boat accelerates. The wind speed on the sail is the difference between the vessel’s forward speed and that of the wind. … So, with clever streamlined hull designs a boat can sail faster than the wind.

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How did old ships sail without wind?

They didn’t sail, they were moved by oars, or were becalmed until a wind arose. … In battle the sails were always furled and the ship was powered by oars. A broadside hit against an enemy ship at speed was devastating.

Why do boats sail faster downstream?

For downwind sailing, with the sail oriented perpendicular to the wind direction, the pressure increase on the upwind side is greater than the pressure decrease on the downwind side. … Sailboats move fastest when the boat is moving with the wind coming “abeam” (from the side).

How did square riggers sail upwind?

The sails were attached, or “bent,” to long horizontal spars of wood called “yards” suspended above the deck through a complex system of ropes. … A square-rigged vessel could only sail approximately sixty degrees into the wind, and so often used a shallow zig-zag pattern to reach their destination.

How close to the wind can a sailboat sail?

You can sail in any direction except directly into the wind (in the no go zone), about 40 degrees off the wind is about as close as you can get. So if you want to sail upwind you need to zigzag from side to side of the no go zone.

What is the synonym of wind?

A gust of wind drove down the valley. Avoid any food that causes flatulence. A punch in the stomach knocked the wind out of me. I had nearly run out of breath when the boat was lifted.

Who was in the wind?

The Wind is a 2018 American supernatural Western horror film directed by Emma Tammi in her feature film directorial debut.

The Wind (2018 film)

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The Wind
Written by Teresa Sutherland
Starring Caitlin Gerard Ashley Zukerman Julia Goldani Telles Miles Anderson
Music by Ben Lovett
Cinematography Lyn Moncrief
On the waves