Quick Answer: Where is the best scuba diving in Mexico?

Where is the best diving in Mexico?


  • Isla Guadalupe – Thrilling Great White Shark Encounters at Guadalupe Island.
  • Northern Sea of Cortez – Huge Diversity of Unique Marine Life.
  • La Paz – Pelagics Galore.
  • Cabo San Lucas & Cabo Pulmo – Diving and Snorkeling for Everyone.
  • Chinchorro Banks – Unexplored Reef in Pristine Condition.

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Is Cancun good for scuba diving?

Diving in Cancun means gliding over reef systems, through shark-filled tunnels and exploring superb wrecks. … Diving in Cancun is possible all year. For uncrowded dive sites and whale shark encounters at Isla Mujeres, book your trip between May-November.

Where is the best scuba diving in the world?

Top 10 Dives: World’s Best Places for Scuba Diving

  1. Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Malaysia. …
  2. Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia. …
  3. The Yongala, Australia. …
  4. Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea. …
  5. Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea. …
  6. Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Hawaii. …
  7. Great Blue Hole, Belize. …
  8. USAT Liberty, Bali, Indonesia.
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Where is a unique scuba diving experience available in New Mexico?

The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa, or simply the Blue Hole, is a circular, bell-shaped pool or small lake located along Route 66 east of Santa Rosa, New Mexico that is a tourist attraction and swimming venue, and one of the most popular dive destinations in the US for SCUBA diving and training.

Where can you dive in Mexico?

The Top 10 Best Dive Sites in Mexico

  1. Cenote Dos Ojos, Yucatan. …
  2. Discovery Bay, Isla Guadalupe. …
  3. The Boiler, San Benedicto, Revillagigedo Islands. …
  4. Bull Shark Dive, Playa del Carmen. …
  5. Afuera, Isla Mujeres. …
  6. Manchones Reef, Cancun. …
  7. Aquarium I and II, Banco Chinchorro. …
  8. Gordo Banks, Los Cabos.

How deep is a cenote in Mexico?

In the north and northwest of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, the cenotes generally overlie vertical voids penetrating 50 to 100 m (160 to 330 ft) below the modern water table.

Are there sharks at Cancun?

Are there sharks in Cancun is a question many people ask. … The straightforward answer is yes there are indeed sharks in Cancun.

How much is diving in Cancun?

We offer transportation service, price may vary depending on the hotel you’ll be picked up.

Service Rate
Discover Scuba Diving 110 usd
Reef Diving (1 tank – 1 day) 75 usd
Reef Diving (2 tanks) 95 usd
Reef Diving (4 tanks – 2 days) 185 usd

Can you scuba dive without a certification?

It is not illegal to dive without certification, but no reputable dive center or club would allow someone to dive with them without first being certified to scuba dive.

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At what age should you stop scuba diving?

After all, according to certifying agencies like PADI, SSI or other scuba diving organizations, there is only one scuba diving age restriction. You can begin to dive when you are 8 years old, and there is no maximum age.

What is the most important rule of scuba diving?

If you remember one rule of scuba diving, make it this: Breathe continuously and never hold your breath. During open water certification, a scuba diver is taught that the most important rule in scuba diving is to breathe continuously and to avoid holding his breath underwater.

Is scuba diving dangerous?

Diving does entail some risk. Not to frighten you, but these risks include decompression sickness (DCS, the “bends”), arterial air embolism, and of course drowning. There are also effects of diving, such as nitrogen narcosis, that can contribute to the cause of these problems.

How deep is the Blue Hole in NM?


Can you swim in the Blue Hole New Mexico?

INSANELY FUN! Jump, dive, swim, snorkel and scuba in the world-famous BLUE HOLE. There’s nothing ordinary about Blue Hole, from its crystal clear water to its constant 62° temperature and perfect-for-cliff-jumping rocks. Start your experience at the Blue Hole Visitors Center!

How far away is the Blue Hole?

The Belize Blue Hole is located approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) offshore of Belize City. The perimeter of the Blue Hole is Lighthouse Reef, a natural coral atoll.

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