Quick Answer: How do you safely crowd surf?

What happens if you crowd surf at a concert?

At most concerts and festivals the crowd surfer will be passed towards a barrier in front of the stage by the crowd, where they will be pulled off and put on their feet by the security stewards.

What does it feel like to crowd surf?

You feel the hands on your back pushing you along towards the front and sometimes get an amazing view of the stage. Once it’s over, you can still feel the phantom hands on your back as if a mini massage. I’ve crowd surfed numerous times, some better than others.

What does crowd surfing mean?

: to lie down and be carried over the top of a crowd (as at a rock concert) with one’s weight supported by the people in the crowd Lemon lifted her arms, launched herself at the crowd gathered around the stage, and crowd-surfed.

Who popularized stage diving?

Iggy Pop is often credited with popularising stage diving in popular rock music. Initially seen as confrontational and extreme, stage diving has become common at hardcore punk and thrash metal performances.

What happens if you jump on stage at a concert?

Some bands will literally kick you off stage and others will beat the crap out of you if you disrupt their gig or equipment (or the roadies will thump you). … You might get thrown out of the venue, but then again you might end up singing with the band or becoming their go-go dancer for at least a song.

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