Question: What does the Cartesian Diver teach about Archimedes Principle?

Less dense objects like wood, can displace their weight in water and will float. A Cartesian Diver is a closed system used to demonstrate Archimedes’ Principle. Cartesian divers are made with an air bubble, which causes them to just float when placed in water.

What is the purpose of the Cartesian diver experiment?

Squeezing the bottle causes the diver (the eye dropper) to sink because the increased pressure forces water up into the diver, compressing the air at the top of the eye dropper. This increases the mass, and density, of the diver causing it to sink.

What is the science behind the Cartesian Diver?

The Cartesian diver, consisting of a plastic medicine dropper and a metal hex nut, will float or sink in the bottle of water depending on the water level in the bulb of the dropper. … The more water that is inside the diver, the less buoyant it becomes and the diver sinks.

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What is the independent variable in the Cartesian diver experiment?

The independent variable in this lab is pressure ● The dependent variable is buoyancy of the cartesian diver.

How does this experiment relate to what you’ve learned about submersible technology such as submarines and ROVs?

How does this experiment relate to what you’ve learned about submersible technology such as submarines and ROVs? The experiment relates to what i learned about submersible technology such as submarines and ROV´s because they both dealt with pressure.

Why do scuba tanks not float?

Steel scuba tanks do not float, they always are negatively buoyant. Aluminum scuba tanks sink when full but can float when empty due to losing the weight of the compressed air. When referring to how and why scuba tanks float, it all relates to buoyancy.

What does Cartesian coordinates mean?

The Cartesian coordinates (also called rectangular coordinates) of a point are a pair of numbers (in two-dimensions) or a triplet of numbers (in three-dimensions) that specified signed distances from the coordinate axis.

What gas law is the Cartesian Diver?

ideal gas law: PV = nRT Where P = pressure, V = volume, n = number of moles of gas, R = universal gas constant, and T = temperature The pressure in the bottle is increased, therefore the volume of air trapped inside the Cartesian diver decreases.

Why does a pen cap sink when you squeeze the bottle?

When you squeeze the bottle, the air bubble in the pen cap compresses (gets smaller) and that makes it more dense than the water around it. When this happens, the pen sinks.

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Does the shape of an object affect its ability to float?

The shape of an object does affect its ability to float.

Some, such as cargo boats, are made of steel. Clearly, steel is more dense than water, yet these boats still float.

How do you make a Cartesian dive with a dropper?

You fill a clear plastic bottle with water and place an eye dropper in it. The eye-dropper should have just enough water inside it so that it barely floats. Now seal the bottle tightly and squeeze on its sides. The eye-dropper sinks!

What happens to the volume of the air trapped in the dropper when you squeeze the bottle?

When the walls of the bottle are squeezed, the pressure increases inside the bottle. This added pressure decreases the volume of the gas in the bottle, including the gas in the medicine dropper. This is Boyle’s Law.

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