Question: How do I load a BLF file into a CANoe?

How do I convert a BLF to ASC in a CANoe?

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  1. Open CANape/vSignalyzer, and select the Vector Logging Converter under Tools|Measurement File Converters.
  2. Open the Vector Logging Converter Options Dialog and Add the appropriate databases.
  3. Import the log file (.log, .blf, .asc, .xlg) and start the Vector Logging Converter.

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How do I open an MF4 file in CANape?

  1. From the drop-down menu, accessed by clicking the file with MF4 extension, select Information.
  2. Find the Open with option – click the title if its hidden.
  3. Select CANape and click Change for all…
  4. If you followed the previous steps a message should appear: This change will be applied to all files with MF4 extension.

What is Replay block in CANoe?

Logging files will be written in Logging Blocks, exported from Analyze Blocks or can be a result of a file conversation. These logging files can then be read in Replay Blocks or as offline source files. CANoe and CANalyzer support two types of logging formats: message-based and signal-based.

How do I open a BLF file in Excel?

Export of Log File Content to Microsoft Excel

  1. Click Tools | Logging File Conversion in CANoe/CANalyzer Toolbar.
  2. Select the source and the destination file (with destination file format).
  3. After you hit the Extract button you will see which signal data is available in the source file.
  4. Select the signals you wish to export from the list at the bottom of the dialog.
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What is the use of IG block in canoe?

Fortunately, CANalyzer has another transmission block that eliminates both practical limitations: the Interactive Generator block (IG). The IG block combines the configuration windows of the Generator block into one window; therefore, everything can be setup in one spot. In addition, changes can be made with the IG.

How do you filter a canoe signal?

Right click on the leg that is connecting the node to the bus. Then choose Output -> Insert Filter . This inserts a small node between the ECU and the bus. By double-clicking on the node you can configure which messages to be filtered out.

How do I use CANalyzer software?

In CANalyzer’s Database Management window, one or more databases can be assigned to the desired network: With File Associate Database you get a menu showing the measurement channels. Choose a channel and use Add Database from the right mouse button menu to link one or more data bases.

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