Is diving for golf balls illegal?

Recovering used golf balls is hard, often uncomfortable, work. … And you’ve got to pay the course for every ball you collect. Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys out there who sneak onto courses at night and steal used golf balls (check out this Bob’s Burgers clip). This is illegal and dangerous.

How much do golf ball divers make a year?

Over the past couple of decades, golf ball retrieval and recycling has become a multimillion-dollar industry, in which hardworking divers can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 annually, depending on the economy and a diver’s stomach for harsh conditions.

How much do golf ball divers make per ball?

Perhaps Glenn’s $1 per ball is an exorbitant outlier, especially since water does affect the integrity and performance of golf balls. A quick search reveals a forum for SCUBA divers advertising a golf ball diving job that pays 10 cents per retrieved ball, a figure that would lead to a more realistic bottom line.

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Is golf ball hunting illegal?

There’s no simple answer, but the short answer is “no”, it is not illegal to hunt for golf balls, as long as you respect the owner of the course and don’t bother anyone while doing it.

Which golf balls are illegal?

Top 5 Illegal Golf Balls for 2021

  • Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls.
  • Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls.
  • MG Golf Balls Senior.
  • Volvik 2020 Magma Golf Balls Magma.
  • Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) Golf Balls.

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Do golf balls get old?

Titleist golf balls have a shelf life of five years or more. “Under normal storage conditions — 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit — a golf ball can last forever,” states The Golf Professor. …

Do golf balls get waterlogged?

Golf balls do not get waterlogged quickly, it takes months and years for a ball to have a massive decrease in its performance. But for scratch and good players, even slightest decrease in travel distance from off the tee are big signs to get worried.

Do scuba divers make good money?

Average Salaries for Scuba Diving Instructors by Location

Of course, some countries pay better than others. Salaries in the USA average around $36,000, and can be as high as $100,000.

Why does a golf ball normally sink to the bottom of a pond at the golf course?

Explain that a golf ball sinks in water because the golf ball is denser than water.

Where can I sell used golf balls?

On eBay, you can sell golf balls by the dozen or by the thousands. You can also sell in bulk, with all brands mixed or separated by brand and type. However you decide to sell them, eBay buyers want to know the quality of the balls, so you will have to rate them based on how much wear they have sustained.

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Where does lost golf balls get their balls?

HOW WE DO IT. The golf balls you purchase from come from many of the premier courses across the United States. Take a look behind the scenes of our sorting process.

How far can a golf ball be driven?

The total distance of a golf ball shall not be greater than 317 yards, with a tolerance of 3 yards. So, basically, the maximum distance a golf ball can go is 320 yards.

What do lost golf balls pay?

When recovered and cleaned up, these used balls sell for as little as six cents wholesale and up to $1 or more retail. It’s a $200 million industry, and a golf ball diver can make $100,000 per year, according to

What is the longest illegal golf ball?

The longest illegal golf ball is the Polara Ultimate Straight. These golf balls are 75% self-correcting and that’s going to help reduce hooks and slices. They won’t generate as much distance as a normal golf ball but they’ll hit a lot more fairways.

How many balls are PGA players allowed to carry?

How many balls can a pro golfer carry in his bag? Essentially, they can carry nine golf balls at a single time, but this isn’t some crazy rule. In truth, they can carry around as many as they want, or as many as their caddies are willing to carry.

What is the longest golf ball for seniors?

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

  • Titleist Tour Soft golf ball. + Impressive hang time even in windy conditions. …
  • Mizuno RB566 golf ball. + Extra hang time keeps the ball in the air for longer. …
  • Srixon Soft Feel golf ball. …
  • Wilson Duo Soft+ golf ball. …
  • Volvik Vivid golf ball. …
  • Callaway Supersoft golf ball. …
  • Bridgestone e6 golf ball.
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