How much does it cost to get open water scuba certified?

A quick survey of dive centers in the Midwest US showed training costs to run between $350 and $450 or more depending on what was included and location. We sometimes see dive centers advertising $99 classes – let’s look at those a little later.

How much does open water scuba certification cost?

You can expect a PADI Open Water Diver certification to cost between $350-$500 depending on where you learn.

Where is the cheapest place to get PADI certified?

6 of the World’s Cheapest Places to Get Scuba Certified

  • 01 of 07. Choosing Your Dive Destination. …
  • 02 of 07. Koh Tao, Thailand. …
  • Utila, Honduras. Joe Dovala / Getty Images. …
  • Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Andrey Nekrasov/ Getty Images. …
  • Dauin, Philippines. Franco Banfi/ Getty Images. …
  • Amed, Indonesia. TripSavvy / Jess Macdonald. …
  • Cozumel, Mexico. Luis Javier Sandoval/ Getty Images.

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How long does it take to get open water certified?

How Long Does the Certification Process Take? Around three to four days is pretty common! If you choose to do the online course and learn diving knowledge at home, that will quicken the process.

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How do I get certified to open water dive?

To get your full PADI Open Water Diver certification, you have to enroll in a PADI Open Water course and complete three components. The first part of the course is theoretical, you will learn the fundamentals of scuba diving from video or textbook followed by knowledge reviews, quizzes, and a final exam.

Is it illegal to scuba dive without certification?

It is not illegal to dive without certification, but no reputable dive center or club would allow someone to dive with them without first being certified to scuba dive.

Is Diving an expensive hobby?

Yes, scuba diving is an expensive hobby. You can expect to spend roughly $300 to receive your diving certification, anywhere from $200 – $2,000 on scuba diving gear, and anywhere between $75 – $150 per dive. Renting your gear instead of buying can let you scuba dive on a budget.

Is PADI certification good for life?

No, your certification will not expire. As an PADI Open Water Diver, your certification is good for life. If you do not actively participate in scuba for an extended period of time, however, it’s a good idea to refresh your skills through the PADI ReActivate/Scuba Review classes.

Which is better SSI or PADI?

PADI insists on skills being completed in a set order to meet PADI standards and pass the course. SSI allows for slightly more flexibility. For example, if a student is having an issue with a skill, we can move on and come back to it.

Where is the best place to get scuba certified?

The Best Places In The World To Learn How To Scuba Dive

  • British Virgin Islands: best for ship wrecks. …
  • Thailand: best for budget divers. …
  • Bahamas: best for reliable visibility. …
  • Red Sea, Egypt: best for shore diving. …
  • Galapagos Islands: best for meeting new marine friends. …
  • Klein Bonaire: best for calm, clear waters. …
  • The Visayas, Philippines: best for coral reefs.
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How deep can Open Water Divers go?

According to the PADI certifying agency, if you are doing your Open Water course and you are over 12 years old, you can dive to 18 meters/60 feet depth. If you are still a junior (from 10 to 12 years old), the maximum depth is 12 meters/40 feet.

How long does a PADI Open Water course take?

PADI Open Water

You can typically gain your Open Water qualification in three to four days. This course involves elements of theoretical study, practice dives in a pool or pool-like environment, and four dives in open water.

Can you dive alone with PADI Open Water?

PADI Open Water is the most-recognized scuba certification in the world, and more than 900,000 divers choose PADI each year. … – Scuba Divers: may only dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional to a maximum depth of 12 metres/40 feet.

Is scuba certification hard?

Is it hard to learn to scuba dive? As active recreational pastimes go, scuba diving is one of the easiest to learn. While you’re gliding around enjoying the underwater sights, you’re engaged in only three basic skills: floating, kicking and breathing. … The necessary skills are not tough for most people to master.

How deep can navy SEALs dive?

Navy SEALS commonly don’t need to be in extremely deep water for their work. But with how extensive their training is in diving, they are likely to be certified to dive 100-130 feet or deeper with many technical certifications on top of that.

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Is the PADI Open Water course hard?

The Theoretical part of Learning to Dive

But, as with everything, nothing is as hard as it seems, and when you get PADI Open Water Diver certified you’ll quickly find that you’ll have plenty of support along the way.

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