How many seasons does Malibu surf have?

3 Seasons, 53 Episodes, Premiere (May 2018).

Is Malibu surf a scripted show?

Reality TV rarely depicts, well, actual reality. … And it’s no different in the (somewhat limited) pantheon of surf-related reality TV. The latest in the subgenre is “Malibu Surf,” a YouTube show created by Comcast-owned AwesomenessTV, and targeted towards the impressionable tween demographic.

Who plays Rio Malibu surf?


Series cast summary:
Joey Itkin Joey 65 episodes, 2017-2020
Keaton Yellin Keaton 59 episodes, 2017-2020
Rio Sage Rio 51 episodes, 2017-2019
Van Bush Van 50 episodes, 2017-2020

Where is Malibu surf filmed?

Teen drama and romance reality series showcasing the lives of young adults living in the surfing paradise of Malibu, California.

How big are the waves in Malibu today?

Current Surf Report for Malibu – First Point Current Conditions

Low 2:17AM 1.34ft
High 8:17AM 5.61ft
Low 3:00PM -0.75ft
High 9:19PM 4.66ft

How big are the Redondo Beach waves?

Current Surf Report for Redondo Beach Breakwater Current Conditions

Low 2:28AM 1.25ft
High 8:29AM 5.38ft
Low 3:09PM -0.69ft
High 9:27PM 4.56ft

How big are the waves at Huntington Beach?

Current Surf Report for Huntington Pier Current Conditions

Low 1:36AM 1.9ft
High 7:33AM 5.31ft
Low 2:26PM -0.62ft
High 8:51PM 4.33ft
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