How do you prepare a jet ski for summer?

Drain any fuel and oil that was left in the machine during storage and refill with fresh oil and gas. Preferably, you’ll want to treat the gas with a marine fuel treatment or stabilizer. The detergents in the fuel treatment will help clean the system free of any deposits that may have developed over the winter.

How do I get my jet ski ready for summer?

Is your Jet Ski Ready for the Summer Season?

  1. Drain & refill: When taking your jet ski out for the first time after months of wintertime dry storage, it’s best to completely drain fluids including the fuel and motor oil, and replace them with a fresh fill. …
  2. Grease & seal: Before taking your watercraft out on to the water, be sure to grease and seal all bearings.

How do I get my Seadoo ready for summer?

Prepping your Sea-Doo for Summer Fun

  1. Start with Spark Plugs. These should be replaced every couple of seasons to ensure you’re not stuck at the launch when the first hot day comes around. …
  2. Be Charged and Ready. …
  3. Inspect Sacrificial Anode. …
  4. Inspect Wear Rings and Impeller. …
  5. Replace Engine Oil and Filter. …
  6. Pre-Ride Routine.
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How do you Defog a jet ski?

Fog The Engine Up

At this point, a best practice is to use a marine-grade fogging oil. Start up the engine and spray the oil into the carburetor. Run the engine for about 10-15 seconds before shutting it down. Another benefit to doing this is that you’ll be circulating the newly-stabilized fuel throughout the engine.

Is it bad to dry start a jet ski?

Overheating a jet ski is a very real risk if you start your jet ski and run it dry. Even 1 minute of running is enough to cause significant damage where your engine will need to be rebuilt and this could cost you thousands of dollars.

How long can you run a jetski out of water?

Yes, you can run a jet ski out of the water but only for 15 seconds MAX! If the jet ski is not in the water or hooked up to the water hose the engine and exhaust is overheating and alarms will eventually go off.

Do you have to de winterize a jet ski?

It is just as important to (de)winterize your jet ski or summerize the waverunner after it has sat for many months over the winter. This is true for simple 2 stroke skis as well as new 4 stroke muscle craft.

How do you start a Seadoo?

Sea Doo iControl – 3 Starting Steps…

  1. Press the red start/stop button before doing anything else. This activates the computer, which signals “Welcome to Sea-Doo” on the centre of my gauge cluster.
  2. Promptly plug in my DESS cord. If it’s on properly, I hear two beeps.
  3. Depress the red start/stop button again – and bingo!
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How do I charge my Seadoo battery?

Plug in your battery charger to the wall and wait for it to power on and give you the okay to use. Connect the Red Charger Lead to the positive post of the battery. Connect the Black Charger Lead to the negative post of the battery.

What happens if you don’t winterize a jet ski?

If you do not properly maintain your jet ski during the off season, you are at risk for expensive engine repairs in the spring. Engine repairs often exceed the value of the jet ski and can keep you from getting back on the water. Proper winterization will save you time and money in the long run.

What does fogging a jet ski mean?

Fogging the engine refers to spraying fogging oil directly into the cyclinders by removing the spark plugs and spraying the fogging oil through the spark plug holes.

How much does it cost to get a jet ski winterize?

The average cost of getting a jet ski winterized by a mechanic is $600-$800. To get an accurate price for your personal jet ski, call a local dealer and they will be able to tell you a more exact price.

What’s better Seadoo or Yamaha?

Overall, Sea-Doo has the most accessories for the best price. After the first Spark, came the 3up 90hp IBR Spark. This jet ski wins over the Yamaha EX Sport because it comes with more accessories for less money. Sea-Doo has the nicer jet skis for cheaper compared to Yamaha.

Why did Honda stop making jet skis?

Honda got in a little too late to the market and what killed them was the Recession of 2008/2009. Honda stopped making watercraft in 2009, and the 2010 models were called off. When Honda got out of the market it made it hard for dealers that had new inventory to sell them.

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Can you jump start a Seadoo?

Can you jump start a seadoo with a car? You can jump start a Seadoo with a car in an emergency situation, but it is not recommended. A car has more amps and can produce too high of voltage for jump starting a jet ski which in turn can fry the electronics. Always try and charge your battery to start your ski.

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