Frequent question: What is the definition of divers?

What does divers in the Bible mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Divers diseases can mean: In the King James translation of the Bible, and similar older literature, “various diseases”; compare “diverse”

What do you mean by divers?

“Divers” is a word in its own right, albeit a fairly formal and uncommon one. … Both words still carry the “various” meaning, but these days “divers” (now DYE-verz) is more likely to emphasize multiplicity (as in “on divers occasions”), whereas “diverse” (now dye-VERSS) usually emphasizes uniqueness.

Who are called divers?

(daɪvəʳ ) Word forms: plural divers. countable noun. A diver is a person who swims under water using special breathing equipment.

How do you use diver in a sentence?

Use “divers” in a sentence | “divers” sentence examples

  1. Divers were sent down to try and locate the wreck.
  2. Lead weights and air cylinders encumbered the divers as they walked to the shore.
  3. Divers hope to salvage some of the ship’s cargo.
  4. The divers checked their breathing apparatus.
  5. A team of divers was sent down to examine the wreck.

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What does pestilence mean in the Bible?

Pestilence means a deadly and overwhelming disease that affects an entire community. The Black Plague, a disease that killed over thirty percent of Europe’s population, was certainly a pestilence. Pestilence is also one of the four Horseman of the Apocalypse in the book of Revelation (which is part of The Bible).

What does a diver do?

What does a diver do? Divers work in several industries, for example: offshore oil and gas – exploring and surveying, or building and maintaining drilling rigs and pipelines. inland/inshore – working on civil engineering projects carrying out underwater repairs, demolition or salvage, or working in fish farming.

What is another word for diver?

What is another word for diver?

swimmer snorkeler
aquanaut frogman
deep-sea diver scuba diver
bather paddler

What does divers temptation mean?

When ye fall into divers temptations – Oh the meaning of the word “temptations,” see the notes at Matthew 4:1. It is now commonly used in the sense of placing allurements before others to induce them to sin, and in this sense the word seems to be used in James 1:13-14 of this chapter.

What is diver disease?

Specialty. Emergency medicine. Decompression sickness (DCS; also known as divers’ disease, the bends, aerobullosis, or caisson disease) describes a condition arising from dissolved gases coming out of solution into bubbles inside the body on depressurisation.

What is deep diving called?

Underwater diving, as a human activity, is the practice of descending below the water’s surface to interact with the environment. Immersion in water and exposure to high ambient pressure have physiological effects that limit the depths and duration possible in ambient pressure diving.

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Which instrument is used by divers underwater?

The fundamental item of diving equipment used by divers is underwater breathing apparatus, such as scuba equipment, and surface-supplied diving equipment, but there are other important pieces of equipment that make diving safer, more convenient or more efficient.

What is deep sea diving called?

Underwater diving, also called underwater swimming, swimming done underwater either with a minimum of equipment, as in skin diving (free diving), or with a scuba (abbreviation of self-contained underwater-breathing apparatus) or an Aqua-Lung. …

How do you use the word sundry?

Sundry in a Sentence

  1. Because I was unsure of the San Francisco weather, I packed a sundry of clothing items to wear. …
  2. The store at the summer camp facility will carry a number of sundry items just in case you forget something from home.

How do you use diverse?

Diverse sentence example

  1. Very diverse communities are groups under this class. …
  2. The duties of overseers in London had been performed by most diverse bodies. …
  3. Most diverse thoughts and images occupied him simultaneously.
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