Can you snorkel at Xcaret?

At Xcaret, visitors can snorkel through these caves among the unusual rock formations and marine fossils. The water is chilly, but exits are located throughout the caves allowing you to step out into the sun to warm up if you choose.

Are there sharks in Xcaret?

Xcaret Park gives you the opportunity to interact in a safe and fun way with nurse sharks. Grab this opportunity to learn about these magnificent and timid creatures. Pet, feed and also learn about this interesting species with a unique experience of swimming with sharks in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Does Xcaret have a beach?

The beach of Xcaret is the ideal refuge to relax. Lay down under the shade of the palapas, and admire the scenery of the inlet facing the Caribbean sea. Walk on white sand, immerse yourself in calm waters, and let yourself be pampered by our beach bar service.

Can you swim with dolphins at Xcaret?

SWIM WITH DOLPHINS AT XCARET MEXICO IN YOUR VACATIONS TO CANCUN AND RIVIERA MAYA. Have an unforgettable encounter with the dolphins of Xcaret. … In addition, enjoy free time swimming with the dolphins, an unforgettable experience during your vacation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya!

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Where can I snorkel for free in Cancun?

Great free snorkeling in Cancun – Punta Nizuc Snorkling

  • Mexico.
  • Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Quintana Roo.
  • Cancun.
  • Cancun – Things to Do.
  • Punta Nizuc Snorkling.

Are there crocodiles in Xcaret?

There are no crocodiles in xel ha! over a year ago. … They are very conservative at xel-ha.

When can you swim with whale sharks in Cancun?

2) When is Whale Shark season in Cancun? These incredible majestic creatures grace the shores of Cancun between the months of June and September. You’ll also find the around Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox, and Isla Contoy.

How much does it cost to go to Xcaret?

Xcaret Prices and How to get Xcaret Tickets

The Xcaret Basic admission is $99.99 USD, while Xcaret Plus is $129.99 USD. Get 10% off by purchasing online 7 to 20 days in advance, and 15% off by purchasing more than 21 days in advance.

Which is better Xcaret or Xel Ha?

Xel-Ha is more of a water theme park with numerous fun aquatic activities. Xcaret has a water theme park but has many other amazing activities to enjoy as well. Both have numerous restaurants and snack bars located throughout each park. Both have shopping, lockers, and lots of bathrooms, change-rooms and a beach.

Is Xcaret All-Inclusive?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a cosmopolitan resort that has redefined the concept of Cancun and Playa del Carmen all-inclusive with its innovative All-Fun Inclusive®, being the only Riviera Maya resort to offer access to all the parks and tours by Grupo Xcaret.

What is the difference between Xcaret and Xcaret Plus?

Xcaret Plus includes everything that the regular Xcaret Tour includes, plus adds lunch, drinks, snorkeling equipment, lockers, and towels. It also gives you a 10% discount on any water activities once inside the park (except dolphins).

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What is included in Xcaret admission?

Access to Plus Area facilities (dressing rooms, restrooms and lockers). One lunch buffet. Includes one beer and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, flavored waters, and coffee) while consuming food.

Can you bring food to Xcaret?

You can’t bring food into the park, but you can re-enter if you would like to have a parking lot picnic and then come back. As mentioned above, paying for an Xcaret-plus ticket is a good idea if you know you are going to eat at least one meal here.

How much does it cost to snorkel in Cancun?

Snorkel Cancun cost, get your cheap snorkeling now!

Cancun snorkel with an Reef, Musa, Turtle Encounter And Shipwreck Cancun Snorkeling Tour: $59.99 usd per person
Snorkeling Tour + T-shirt: $69.00 usd per person
Swim And Fly: $94.00 usd per person
Swim And Ride: $94.00 usd per person
Splash: $143.00 usd per person

Does Cancun have good snorkeling?

Cancun, Mexico is home to the Great Mayan Reef. The coastal waters of Cancun offer some of the best snorkeling anywhere on Earth. You can swim out right from your hotel beach to snorkel, but you are likely to see more of the sea floor than sea life.

Is it safe to snorkel in Cancun?

Cancun’s waves attract surfers from all over the world, but can be treacherous for a snorkeler. When the surf is high, areas otherwise great for snorkeling can be very dangerous, pushing snorkelers underwater and holding them under for extended periods.

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