Can you snorkel at Coco Cay?

Yes, there is the place for snorkel.

Can you snorkel for free at Coco Cay?

CocoCay is a great place to enjoy a swim, as the water is clear and refreshing. And it doesn’t cost anything, and there’s nothing wrong with free. There’s a main swimming area, located adjacent to Snorkel Beach, but you can really swim anywhere–that includes Watersport Beach, Wanderers Beach and Barefoot Beach.

Can you bring your own snorkel gear to CocoCay?

Chill Beach Beach

The Snorkel Shack allows you to rent snorkel gear. If you bring your own gear you are still required to wear a snorkel vest which are available for rent. … Lifeguards patrol the swimming beaches on Coco Cay to ensure safety for everyone.

Are there sharks at Coco Cay?

While spending the day at Coco Cay in the Bahamas we were some of the first people in the water. The sharks and stingrays were already there as we discovered.

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What is complimentary at Coco Cay?

Most of the experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay are complimentary. Some of these include Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, the shipwrecked Captain Jill’s Galleon loaded with slides and water cannons, our biggest ever Splashaway Bay aqua park yet.

Is food included at Coco Cay?

Most of the food at Perfect Day at Coco Cay is included in the cruise price (all food except for Captain Jack’s). One thing to remember is that the restaurants (Chill Grill and Skipper’s Grill) are only open from 11:30 – 3:00.

Should I bring my own snorkel gear on a cruise?

It’s always better to bring your own gear if you are really into snorkeling. You’ll be guaranteed a good fit, which is safer and more comfortable. I agree with other responders who advise you to read about the areas that you are going to for the best snorkeling spots.

Can you snorkel with a life vest?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to wear a life jacket while snorkeling! In fact, most commercial snorkeling experiences require you to use some form of personal flotation device or buoyancy aid.

What is there to do in CocoCay for free?

Free Things to Do on CocoCay

  • Play and Relax on the Beach(es)
  • Get a Picture in Front of the Ship. …
  • Play Some Basketball or Volleyball on South Beach. …
  • Grab a Drink at the Swim-Up Bar (Included with Drink Package) …
  • Get a Free Bite to Eat at the Snack Shack.
  • Play Some Outdoor Games. …
  • Swim at the Oasis Lagoon.
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10 янв. 2020 г.

What to bring when going snorkeling?


  • Mask. If you’re on a limited budget, this should be your first purchase. …
  • Snorkel. As for the snorkel, we use this one and highly recommend it! …
  • Defogger. …
  • Two Swim Suits. …
  • Rash Guard. …
  • Fins (& Boots) …
  • Snorkeling Bag. …
  • Underwater Camera Gear.

What costs money at Coco Cay?

Royal Caribbean is building a huge water park with 13 slides at CocoCay. Access will cost $44 to $99 per person for the full day and $39 to $74 for a half day, with kids three and under admitted free. The 1,600-foot zipline being built at CocoCay will cost $79 to $139 per ride.

Does anyone live on Coco Cay?

6. In December 2019, Coco Beach Club will have the first overwater cabanas in the Bahamas. 7. 375 Employees live on the island, dedicated to making your visit the most enjoyable possible.

How much did Royal Caribbean pay for CocoCay?

In 2018-2019, Royal Caribbean International invested $250 million dollars to transform Coco Cay in “Perfect Day at Coco Cay”.

Is CocoCay included in cruise price?

The good news is most of the experiences Royal Caribbean is offering at Perfect Day at CocoCay are complimentary and included with your cruise fare. … To go along with your fun in the sun, there are five new complimentary dining venues located throughout the island.

Do you need a passport for CocoCay?

However, if you travel with Royal Caribbean cruises, you can visit CocoCay, an island the cruise company owns—it’s “private” in a sense. Here, you don’t need a passport to go to the Bahamas, though you will need to stick with your cruise itinerary on a non-negotiable basis.

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Is perfect day at CocoCay worth it?

Highly Recommend. We can not overstate how much fun we both had at Perfect Day at CocoCay! The new island design is beautiful and well executed. The endless options allow travelers with different tastes to find a little slice of their own paradise.

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