Best answer: Who composed sailing by?

Who wrote the song Sailing?

Кристофер Кросс

Who first recorded the song Sailing?

Sailing (Sutherland Brothers song)

B-side “Who’s Crying Now”
Released June 1972
Label Island
Songwriter(s) Gavin Sutherland

Why does Radio 4 play sailing by?

Context and usage. “Sailing By” is played every night on BBC Radio 4 at around 00:45hrs before the late Shipping Forecast. Its tune is repetitive, assisting in its role of serving as a signal for sailors tuning in to be able to easily identify the radio station.

Who sang We Are Sailing?

Род Стюарт

What movie is the song Sailing in?

The song was featured in a 2016 TV commercial for Hyundai. It was also featured in a brief scene in the 2006 film Flushed Away. The song was played in season 12 episode 1 of Family Guy: Finders Keepers, while Bruce and his lover windsurfed as the town took part in a treasure hunt.

When did Rod Stewart release I am sailing?


How old is Rod Stewart?

76 years (January 10, 1945)

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How many albums did Christopher Cross Sell?

In a career spanning over five decades, Cross has sold over 10 million albums. His music has garnered five Grammys, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Emmy nomination and five Top 10 singles.

What year was sailing by Christopher Cross?


Is the shipping forecast still used?

This service was discontinued during and following the First World War, between 1914 and June 1921, and again during the Second World War between 1939 and 1945. Today, although most ships have onboard technology to provide the Forecast’s information, they still use it to check their data.

Which March was chosen as the signature tune for a popular BBC radio program?

The tune ‘Lilliburlero’, is generally considered to be the signature tune of BBC World Service.

What does sailing mean?

1a : the technical skill of managing a ship : navigation. b : the method of determining the course to be followed to reach a given point. 2a : the sport of handling or riding in a sailboat. b : a departure from a port.

How old is Christopher Cross?

69 years (May 3, 1951)

Who wrote the song Maggie May?

Maggie May/Композиторы

On the waves