Best answer: Which Gili Island has the best snorkeling?

The best Gili Island for snorkeling is Gili Meno. While Gili Trawangan is unquestionably the most popular, Gili Meno has great snorkeling access and is home to the popular Gili Island Wreck (Meno Bounty) and probably the most photographed spot in Indonesia – the underwater statues.

Which Gili is best for snorkeling?

We think that Meno offers the best snorkeling Gili Islands experience thanks to many shore snorkeling opportunities and the island’s laid-back atmosphere. Gili Meno snorkeling spots are around the west, northeast coast and on the east coast in front of Karma Reef. The west coast is good for a drift snorkel.

Which island has the best snorkeling?

World’s 10 Best Islands for Snorkeling

  • Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Snorkel with whale sharks in Isla MujeresShutterstock.
  • Key Largo, Florida. A hawksbill sea turtle swims along Molasses Reef in Key LargoShutterstock.
  • Glovers Reef Atoll, Belize. …
  • Little Cayman. …
  • Kona, Hawaii. …
  • Koh Kradan, Thailand. …
  • Grand Turk and Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands. …
  • Bonaire.
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Which of the Gili islands is best?

Gili Air is the best Gili Island for honeymoons, family trips, and travelers who want to escape the madness of Gili Trawangan but need more action than in Gili Meno. On this island, you’ll find more restaurants than in Meno and even some cocktail bars.

Which Gili Island has best beaches?

Gili Meno: the romantic escape

The smallest and quietest of the three Gilis, Gili Meno arguably has the best beaches of the lot – swathes of white sand scattered with squat trees, fringed with crystal clear water.

Is there sharks in Gili Islands?

Black tip and white tip reef sharks are the most common reef sharks seen around the Gilis, although we do not see them as frequently as we would like. Sharks are a critical part of the underwater ecosystem and have a very unfair reputation among humans due to popular myths propagated by Hollywood movies.

Are Gili Islands safe?

None of us have ever felt unsafe on the Gili islands. The Gilis are absolutely safe for solo female travellers! An important fact to note is that the three Gili islands are INCREDIBLY small. Even the biggest of the three, Gili Trawangan, houses only 1500 people.

Is Sanibel Island good for snorkeling?

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving on or around Sanibel Island & Captiva Island. … More than a dozen artificial reefs lie within a 15 mile radius of Sanibel and Captiva making these Florida barrier islands great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

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Does St Lucia have good snorkeling?

Some of the best snorkeling in St. Lucia and the Caribbean can be found in front of the Anse Chastanet beach. The Anse Chastanet reef has been recognized as one of the best snorkeling and beach diving locations in the Caribbean.

Does St Kitts have good snorkeling?

St. Kitts may not have the best snorkeling of all of these, but it has excellent snorkeling with the best advantage being that you can snorkel right from the beach. You can have a private boat meet you at the cruise ship tender dock and sail you to St. Kitt’s (about an hour) spend an hour or so there and sail back.

Are the Gili Islands expensive?

The Gili Islands are a lot cheaper than other parts of Indonesia. If you’re looking to save money while traveling in the Gili Islands, here are some tips and tricks that will help you lower your costs: Rent a bike – Rent a bike for as little as 40,000 IDR ($2.70 USD) per day. It’s is a great way to get around.

What is Gili island famous for?

Tourists are destined to adore this hotspot for its pristine waters and coral reefs. Gili Islands are famous for its turtle conservation and brings a brilliant underwater experience for tourists. Apart from that, tourists can also enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

Are the Gili islands worth visiting?

The Gilis are very nice and definitely worth a visit if you have time. The beaches and waters there are nicer than Bali.

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How many days do you need in Gili Trawangan?

If that’s not what you are there for, don’t stay in this area, as it will feel like your sleeping in the middle of a club. The island is tiny, and unless you want to spend a week diving or partying, you will probably be happy staying here for 2 – 5 days.

How long does it take to walk around Gili Air?

It takes about two hours to walk around Gili Trawangan, an hour and a half for Gili Meno, and just under two hours to walk around Gili Air. That’s if you don’t stop along the way at a beach bar or explore the side streets.

Is Gili Trawangan a party island?

Backpackers have been flocking to Gili T for years, as it’s been known as a party island where you can find pretty much any vice your heart desires.

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