Are jet ski keys universal?

The short answer is no, Sea-Doo keys are NOT interchangeable. Each Sea-Doo key is specifically programmed to a single Sea-Doo. … Your jet ski will only startup with a Sea-Doo key programmed to your specific jet ski. These keys are not universal, which is a great safety feature.

Are all Jet Ski keys the same?

Nope. In order to get a new key made to your watercraft, you must take the entire machine to your local dealer. You also can’t walk in with another key that works the watercraft and ask if we can duplicate it. The watercraft must be at the dealership no matter what if you want a key to be programmed to it.

How much does it cost to replace a Seadoo key?

The cost of a Sea Doo key replacement is going to vary depending on the model, the year, and the dealership. Most reasonable dealerships will charge between $25 and $50 for a replacement key.

Can you bypass Dess system?

As far as getting around the DESS, you can’t. It is programmed into the CDI box and the DESS post connects direct to it.

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Do jet skis have keys?

Well before we can answer these questions, first we need to define what we mean by the word “key.” Most jet skis today actually have two different tools that are both referred to as keys, even though they have different functions: there are the “keys” that function as the security system for the jet ski, and there are …

How much does a jet ski key cost?

How to get a new jet ski key

Make Difficulty New key cost
Sea-Doo Pre-2015 Medium $100 to $200
Sea-Doo Post-2015 Easy $70 to $150
Yamaha Easy $70 to $150
Kawasaki Medium $85 to $170

Can you bypass SeaDoo Dess?

You cannot bypass the mpem to get a start on you boat. The DESS system was designed as an anti theft device.

How can I test my SeaDoo MPEM?

This test determines if the MPEM is causing the 5A fuse to blow on the MPEM fuse block. To perform this test you will need to unplug all the connectors from the MPEM and then remove the MPEM. Insert a known good 5A fuse into the appropriate 5A slot on the MPEM.

What is a SeaDoo Dess key?

The SeaDoo DESS Key is the standard safety lanyard and security device that comes with a Seadoo jetski. DESS stands for ‘digital encoded security system’. The DESS Key contains a RF chip with a unique code that once paired with the ECU it has been programmed to, it will allow the ski to start.

How much does it cost to program a Dess key?

You don’t program the key, you program the sled to the key. The keys are about 35-40.00 usd depending on dealer. My dealer said they charge 15.00 to program.

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How do I bypass tether kill switch?

To “bypass” this kill switch you simply unplug the wires going to the tether switch. Follow the wires on the back side of the tether assembly and find the connector where they plug into the main wiring harness. Unplug it here. Do not short the wires together in the harness – leave them alone.

How do you test for Dess post?

To test the post, unplug it and remove it to your bench it’s easier to probe everything that way. You should have continuity from the solid black wire to the metal ring on the outside shoulder of the post all the time.

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