You asked: Can you swim at Sunset Beach Cape May?

Yes, you can swim on Sunset Beach in Cape May.

Can you swim in Sunset Beach?

Once the location of a Sawmill factory, Sunset Beach is now known for being a quiet sandy beach at the mouth of False Creek. Visitors may come to swim during the summer time, stroll along the Stanley Park Seawall, or bring their dogs to the off-leash dog park.

Are Cape May beaches open for swimming?

Lower Township beaches include North Cape May, Villas, Cape May Beach, and Sunset Beach. They are open to the public year-round and are not guarded. Please be careful and don’t swim alone. These beaches are on the Delaware Bay.

Can you swim in the Delaware Bay in Cape May?

For this reason more than any other, the Delaware bay beaches are not really swimming beaches. The exception is Lewes beach, because of its proximity to the ocean… the bay floor is sandy and swimming is wonderful, especially if you have small children.

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Can you swim at Cape May Point State Park?

Cape May Point is home to Cape May Point State Park, which has the Cape May Lighthouse and the recently opened World War II Fire Control Tower. The town also has ocean and bay beaches, swimming, certified lifeguards, kayaking, beach fees, world class birding.

What is Sunset Beach known for?

This Oahu beach is famous for its big winter surf, but it’s the endless beautiful sunsets in Hawaii that gives its classic name, Sunset Beach.

Is Sunset Beach still open?

Hours & Parking: Open from 5 am to 10 pm. Score free parking in the lot at Warner Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway. Public parking is also available along Pacific Avenue.

Is Cape May a nice vacation spot?

If you’re planning a family vacation to the Jersey Shore, Cape May offers clean beaches, miniature golf, arcades, museums, shopping, and kid-friendly dining. Cape May has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Will Cape May beaches open this summer?

Cape May Beaches are officially open on July 1 when lifeguards will be on duty from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Beaches may be guarded different hours prior to July 1. … Unitalicized information is confirmed for the 2021 summer beach season.

Can you drink alcohol on Cape May beaches?

Anyone buying and consuming alcohol must be 21 or older. Cape May’s city council voted this week to allow for the outdoor consumption of alcohol on the beach, promenade, local mall, and several streets across the town through October. … The capacity of the drink cannot exceed 16 ounces, and glass containers are banned.

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Are there sharks in the Delaware Bay?

Sandbar sharks are one of Delaware’s most common species, as the Delaware Bay is a key nursing ground for juvenile sandbar sharks. They are a prohibited species and can reach about 8 feet in length. Sand tiger sharks are another of Delaware’s most common shark species.

Are there sharks in Delaware?

Common Delaware Sharks

The sand tiger, sandbar, smooth dogfish (or smoothhound) and spiny dogfish are the most commonly caught shark species in Delaware. Sandbar and sand tiger sharks are of special significance to the Delaware Estuary and its anglers.

Is Cape May a dry beach?

In Cape May County – Ocean City, Cape May Point, and Wildwood Crest are all dry communities.

Is Cape May worth visiting?

Cape May is a vacation destination – the oldest seaside resort in the country; but since it’s right in our Jersey backyard, a day trip can hold endless promise. … Anyone who thinks Cape May is “just a beach” can go pound sand, but if you are just going for the beach, you’re going to one of Jersey’s best.

Where is poverty beach in Cape May?

Poverty Beach is located at the eastern end of Beach Avenue. Like many of the landmarks in the Cape May National Historic District, Poverty Beach enjoys a rich history.

Can you swim at Higbee Beach?

Some people still treat Higbee as a nude beach, but only for swimming. It’s unlikely you’ll see anyone in the buff on their beach blankets. Higbee is also popular with birders.

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