Question: What is the order of the backstroke?

In the relay medley, the order goes backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly then freestyle. In the individual medley, the order goes butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke then freestyle.

How do you do a backstroke step by step?

Rebecca Adlington’s 6 swim tips for backstroke brilliance

  1. Keep your body flat like a plank. “Try to keep your hips as close to the surface as possible” …
  2. Use a ‘flutter’ kick. …
  3. Use a long fluid arm motion. …
  4. Breathe once per arm cycle. …
  5. Use the ceiling or clouds to keep yourself straight. …
  6. Accelerate your arm speed.

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What is the order of strokes in an IM?

It’s an abbreviation for the individual medley event in swimming, in which swimmers use all four competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, in that order. The Rio Games feature the men’s and women’s 200- and 400-meter IM.

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What is the first step in performing the backstroke?

Learn to Swim Backstroke

  1. First, you practice the flutter kick on your back while holding on to the edge of the pool.
  2. Next, you practice balance by floating on your back and sides and using the flutter kick to move forward.
  3. Then you practice the underwater and above water arm movements separately with each arm.

What is the order of events at a swim meet?

Order of Events

  • 200 Medley Relay. …
  • 200 Freestyle. …
  • 200 Individual Medley. …
  • 50 Freestyle. …
  • 1 meter Diving. …
  • 100 Butterfly. …
  • 100 Freestyle. …
  • 500 Freestyle.

What is the most difficult swim stroke?

The butterfly stroke is one of the most difficult swim strokes to learn and master. The butterfly stroke is broke down into three main segments: The Pull.

How many kicks should you try to do per arm cycle?

In short, your swimmer should complete six kicks per stroke cycle or three kicks per single arm stroke. The first kick is down, timed with the opposite recovery arm spearing to forward extension.

What is the slowest stroke?

Some people refer to breaststroke as the “frog” stroke, as the arms and legs move somewhat like a frog swimming in the water. The stroke itself is the slowest of any competitive strokes and is thought to be the oldest of all swimming strokes.

What is the order of strokes in a medley relay?

. 2 Medley Relay — Four swimmers on each team, each to swim one-fourth of the prescribed distance in the following order: first, backstroke; second, breaststroke; third, butterfly; and fourth, freestyle.

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Which is the stroke that requires you to build up your core muscles the most and is hardest to do?

Front Crawl (or Freestyle Stroke)

The front crawl is a fast-paced stroke that tends to work muscles harder because of the greater force it generates. It’s the stroke most often used in the freestyle event because it’s the fastest and most efficient, and tends to be the preferred stroke of experienced swimmers.

What is the fastest stroke?

The freestyle remains the fastest stroke, according to world records posted on, followed by butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke, the slowest competitive swimming stroke.

Who is the fastest backstroke swimmer?

Long course

Time Swimmer Place
52.54 Aaron Peirsol Beijing, China
52.38 Aschwin Wildeboer Pescara, Italy
51.94 Aaron Peirsol Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
51.85 (r) Ryan Murphy Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Which is the only style in which swimmers are face up in the water?

You swim backstroke in a horizontal supine position (meaning you’re face-up in the water), hence the name ‘backstroke. ‘ Like in freestyle, you kick your feet in a short, constant flutter kick while your arms move in a continuous alternating pattern.

How swim meets are scored?

Teams are awarded place points for 1st through 5th place times in individual events, and for 1st or 2nd place times in relay events. But swimmers who do not place in the top five (or even the top 30!) can still help their team by improving on their own personal best times.

What is the longest event in swimming?

Marathon Swimming. The longest swimming race. A test of endurance for up to two hours.

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What do points mean in swimming?

Points are awarded to the team for swimmers placing 1-8 in individual meets and 1-2 in relays. A winner is determined at the end of each meet.

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