Is it safe to swim at Cable Beach?

Cable Beach in Broome is safe for swimming for most of the tourist season, but not during the wet season. From November to about May, even June, the northern oceans are inhabited by Chironex box jellyfish and Irukandji. … Beaches are just not a suitable crocodile habitat.

Can u swim in Broome?

Answer: The general rule is that you can swim in Broome during the dry season. The reason is that Irukandji and box jellyfish are not active in colder waters. Once the water temperature is over 28 degrees you should definitely stay out of the water.

Are there crocodiles at Broome?

Many times I get asked this one question, “Are there crocodiles in Broome?” Yes, there are crocodiles in Broome, they have been sighted travelling all along our coasts.

Are there Stingers in Broome?

Marine Stinger Safety

The occurrence of Irukandji and Box jellyfish stings in Broome are rare, and preventable. Wear protective clothing, especially during the stinger season (November – May). A full length lycra suit or wetsuit reduces the risk of stings by 75% and is great sun protection too.

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Why is Cable Beach called Cable Beach?

Cable Beach is a 22 km (14 mi) stretch of white sand beach on the eastern Indian Ocean and the name of the surrounding suburb in Broome, Western Australia. Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889.

What is the best time of year to visit Broome?

The best time to visit Broome, weatherwise: April to November. The cheapest time to visit Broome: The wet season offers the best deals and the cheapest prices. To avoid the torrential rain, travel early in the peak season between March and April.

How long should you stay in Broome?

Kimberley Safari – If you are travelling to Broome because it is the starting point for a Kimberley safari that you intend to join, it is a good idea to give yourself 3-4 days in the town to relax and take in the sights before you start your exploration of what is one of the last true wilderness areas in the world.

Is Broome expensive?

Broome proved to be the most expensive location to travel within WA, with the airfare sitting at a sky-high rate of $963 per person for the first week of the school holidays. … Overall, the average cost of travelling within WA was around $100 more expensive than if locals would prefer to fly interstate.

What should I pack for Broome?

What to pack. Broome is warm and sunny between May and October, and the vibe is laidback – casual loose-fitting clothing, along with sunscreen and mosquito repellent, are recommended.

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Does Broome have Uber?

No Ubers exist in Broome. There is a new independent taxi group.

Can you swim in Roebuck Bay Broome?

It’s also Australia’s newest Marine Park, the Roebuck Bay Marine Park. … They can often be found playing, swimming and fishing in Roebuck Bay and along the Dampier Peninsula coast. Roebuck Bay and further south at Eighty Mile Beach are two of the best places in Australia to view migratory birds.

What is Broome Australia famous for?

Western Australia’s very own secret getaway is right on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean. Full of colour and natural phenomena, Broome is a beach resort and pearling town in Australia’s Kimberley region, popular for sunset camel rides and walking along the dinosaur tracks.

Are there Box jellyfish in Western Australia?

rastoni (found in southern Australia and Albany) are presently the only species of box jellies recorded from temperate Australia. They are also found in other parts of the world. In Western Australia, Carybdea xaymacana is common In Geographe Bay, Perth, Rottnest Island, and Geraldton.

Is Cable Beach Bahamas safe?

The tourist areas in Nassau/Cable Beach and Paradise Island are very safe. Downtown Nassau is well patroled, Cable Beach is secure, even at nite, and Paradise Island is lively with tourist even late at nite. There has been an increase in crime over the past couple of years, but it’s the same everywhere you go.

Is Cable Beach nice?

Very pretty beach. … Most of the beach’s around Nassau are excellent. I enjoyed Cable beach as there were less people around. You can enjoy the water and the sand.

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How far is Cable Beach from Broome?

The distance between Cable Beach and Broome is 3 km.

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