How do you do a backstroke flip turn?

Push off the wall on your back. Then perform six strokes of backstroke and take one freestyle stroke to roll you over onto your stomach. Next, do a somersault right there in the middle of the lane. Your backstroke flip turn should feel identical to your freestyle flip turn.

What strokes do you use a flip turn?

Flip Turn The flip turn is an important component of freestyle swimming, and can also be used in breaststroke. The turn is intended to permit a coordinated change of direction that allows the swimmers to maintain both their speed and the cadence of their stroke.

What are the rules for backstroke?


  • At the signal for starting and after turning the swimmer shall push off and swim upon his/her back throughout the race except when executing a turn. …
  • Some part of the swimmer must break the surface of the water throughout the race. …
  • Upon the finish of the race the swimmer must touch the wall while on the back.

What are backstroke flags for?

Backstroke flags are usually strung between stanchions, sturdy metal posts anchored to the pool deck using slip anchors. Whether swimmers are using short course yard pools or long course meter pools, they rely on colorful swim flags to determine their distance from the lane end wall.

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What is the hardest swim stroke?

Butterfly expends the most energy of the three, and is usually considered the hardest stroke by those endeavoring to master it.

  • The Elusive Butterfly. Swimming butterfly uses 27 different muscles. …
  • Free the Butterfly. …
  • Avoid Butterfly Kisses – Just Breathe the Air. …
  • Become an Iron Butterfly.

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What is the fastest stroke?

The freestyle remains the fastest stroke, according to world records posted on, followed by butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke, the slowest competitive swimming stroke.

What is the slowest swim stroke?

Breaststroke is the slowest of the four official styles in competitive swimming.

How much time does a flip turn save in swimming?

A good flip turn will save you 1-2 secs per turn compared to a good open turn. That said, most people who don’t know how to do a flip turn have crappy open turns as well, so at a guess you could be losing 3 or 4.

Do you do a flip turn in breaststroke?

Flip turns are only permitted during freestyle and backstroke races. In butterfly and breaststroke races, regulations require swimmers to touch the end of the pool with both hands simultaneously before turning back for another length. … Breaststroke to freestyle is two hand touch open turn.

What are the four strokes in swimming?

Learning the four swimming strokes comes after you have mastered the basic skills of swimming. If you have reached this point then we have collated some tips below to help you learn the four swimming strokes: front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.

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