Best answer: Is happy swimsuits legit?

Where is happy swimsuits located?

Welcome to Happy Swimsuits, a store based out of beautiful San Diego, California. Dedicated to all those women who like to showcase their style and personality through their sun bathing attire. Founded in 2016, our amazing team of on-site artists strive to create superb suits that you won’t find anywhere else!

Is Bright swimwear real?

They are a Swedish swimwear brand based out of Stockholm that wants to promote body postitivty for women on social media.

Is Breezy swim ambassador legit?

Breezy Swimwear Response

This business is a scam. Is charging me every month and not allowing me to cancel but never sent me any of the products they promised. This company was advertised on instagram as a modeling ambassador company for swimwear, so i signed up and went through the interview process.

What is bright swimwear?

Bright Swimwear is a Swedish swimwear brand dreamt up by Stockholm native Maria Johansson. Maria started Bright Swimwear with a clear vision in mind: to transcend trends, and instead design future vintage pieces that would be loved for seasons to come.

Is Oriental drift legit?

OD Collective Ambassador: How The Oriental Drift Scam Works

It is also known as the Oriental Drift Scam. … You may receive a message or email with an offer of becoming an ambassador for a ‘clothing company’. However, many reviews online tag this as the OD Collective scam.

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Is Sandflair real?

Sandflair is not a scam at all I am one of Their a brand ambassadors and they are selective about. Who they use to rep their brand. If you are serious about what you do then they will be good to you. They sent me $20 gift card and if you order from them regular then they will feature you in their campaigns.

Is Brandbassador safe?

BRANDBASSADOR is an app that is available on your iPhone, Android, and Desktop. It is safe to download – 100% legit.

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