Brent Allen

June 13, 2019

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In February 2019 a new documentary film started production through the efforts of Tyler Fox and Joel Hersch . This process began in 2017 when we noticed a cruise ship anchored off Monterey , CA. The basic questions that came to mind ” Isn’t this a National Marine Sanctuary “? and Who signs off on allowing a vessel of this size into such a critical ocean eco-system ? This simply doesn’t make any since . It has taken over 50 years of conservation work to allow this specific ocean arena to rebound from the days of Cannery Row .

If you have seen documentaries such as The Cove , Blackfish , Sand Wars , the Plastic Ocean , or Sonics Seas this will be the next water gate of our oceans and National Marine Sanctuaries . The Monterey Bay is surrounded by a diverse mix of coastal communities that are as culturaly different as the united states from coast to coast . We have hypodermic needles flowing down the San Lorenzo river into the Monterey Bay . Plastics and trash from the never slowing growth of visitors to this ocean mecca on all of our beaches . Agricultural run off of chemicals into the monterey bay from the fertile farming lands of the Salinas Valley . Sewage spills from the over burdened water treatment infrastructure . In 2017 Monterey made a decision to open the door to an escalation of cruise ships to the Monterey Bay. We are now polluting our area from all means possible . The communities connected to the monterey bay had no say in ONE cities decision to jeopardize the very heart of the California coast.

The more we peeled back the layers the more unbelievable this story became in reality . We are at a point in history that environmental protections of our most beautiful resources are being challenged to the limits . We have polluted our oceans to the point we HAVE TO create a new level of protection of our national marine sanctuaries . Air Pollution , water pollution , underwater noise pollution , disruption of critical endangered species of our most majestic large marine mammals are at stake .

What we do to the ocean we do to our selves . Become part of the solution .

Protect Monterey Bay .
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